That’s right, let’s keep things profesh

but my lil’ river! and what about you?

mayoralphi asked:
Ahh thank you for the follow! Your tree pattern is one of my favorites, I used it for my side account's wallpaper and alpine furniture! C:

aw thanks! That means a lot ^-^ I’d love to see pictures!

kaseycrossing asked:
thank you so much for making the tiles pattern and posting the qr code! i've been trying to figure out how to make a pattern like that for months

You are very welcome and thanks! ^-^

A wall, two floors and a painting of a teapot, hope you likey

more patterns *here*

Would anyone want Molly? She asked to move out of my town today and I finally said yes. She is one of my original villagers and was the first to give me her best friend picture… She is such a sweetie, I would feel really bad if she just disappeared… message me!! 


I thought I’d share my stripe block patterns

more patterns *here*

I like forests

more of my patterns *here*

I’m using the pink one in my lounge currently ^-^

let me know if you like them…

more of my patterns *here